The dangers of Cat hairball!

Although it is very natural and can be seen as important for cats to groom very regularly, the accumulation of cat hairball in a cat’s mouth could be of potential harm.

Cat hairbal

1. What is a cat hairball?

–         It is a ball of hair that has been accumulated when the cat was grooming itself (licking itself clean)

2. What does a cat hairball look like?

–         Depending on the amount of hair swallowed, cat hairball sizes can vary from the size of a little finger to even bigger!

3. How to identify cat hairball problems?

–         If the cat hairball looks cylindrical there is something wrong. Cat hairball is often in a circular shape and should not be in any shape or form similar to that of a cylinder!

–         Constipation or any difficulty signs in passing motion, there also may be hair strands on its stool or attached, this will only be seen in a very crucial stage of cat hairball being stuck inside the body for too long.

–         Wheezing, coughing and hacking

–         The cat has found a loss of appetite

–         Tiredness, the cat is lazier than normal

4. How does one avoid such complications?

–         Brush your cat very regularly. Cats enjoy being brushed as they like being clean and well groomed. This not only avoids cat hairball problems but also helps bond a good relationship between cat and owner.

–         Another way to avoid these complications is by feeding the cat smooth/slippery substance based food that will aid in the pushing down of food or a stuck cat hairball. There are several forms of these kinds of food such as;

  • A special cat hairball formula food which can be purchased in the vet or any pet shop. The only issue with this is to find a good high quality content based food, one that contains a lot of protein in it as cats need a very high based protein diet!
  • Cat Hairball remedies such as gel products to be mixed with the cat food in order to help the digesting process. However, regardless of hairball relief, too much of these cat hairball products may cause an upset in the tummy and lead to diarrhoea if taken excessively!

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