Raw Pet Food

In the wake of the Menu Foods disaster and subsequent pet food recalls, the sites advertising recipes for raw food diets for pets have seen skyrocketing numbers of daily hits. As a matter of fact, raw pet food has been found by so many pet owners to be a great alternative to the commercially prepared diets that some veterinarians have begun to warn their clients against embarking on this course of feeding regimen without getting a lot of advice and help.

While at face value the idea of raw pet food sounds like a great idea – after all, what else would cats and dogs eat if left to their own devices – the facts dictate that many animals may begin to suffer from malnutrition, tears of the esophagus and stomach brought on by the bones in raw food, and gingivitis in pets. The average raw food diet pet lovers see as the primary way of feeding their beloved animals is to use uncooked meat and also bones.

Raw pet food may consist of an entire chicken, complete with innards, feathers, beak, and everything else that would either be cut open for easier access or left whole for larger animals. Fish would be fed whole as well, including the scales which are sometimes hard for a cat to deal with. This type of raw pet food diet is sometimes referred to as the whole prey approach, and it requires a close monitoring of the pets who might have a hard time transitioning from dealing with supplied kibble to suddenly having to tear through an animal. In addition to the foregoing, this kind of raw pet food approach worries some veterinarians who believe that without supplementation the animals may not get all the nutrients they need.

While in some cases the raw food diet pets would be put on might be beneficial, by and large the entire idea of the primal raw pet food movement, raw food diet for pets, and even raw freeze dried pet food is questionable for the average pampered hound and kitty. While they may be able to learn what to do with a carcass, it is doubtful that they will actually take to chewing through chicken legs and fish heads. Add to this the fact that most roaming wile dogs and cats also ingest fruits and vegetables as well as grains, you will find that by keeping an animal solely on raw meat you will soon have to content with serious malnutrition.

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