The Little Known Facts About Pet Health Insurance

At first glance, the idea of purchasing pet health insurance makes financial sense. After all, the odds that something might go wrong with your pet are always there, and since accidents are events that occur when least expected, the notion that affordable pet health insurance will prevent you from maxing out your credit cards is a welcome peace of mind to most pet owners. Yet did you know that there are some aspects of pet health insurance that are not covered in the advertisements? Knowing of these limitations ahead of time may have you reconsider the kind of policy you are thinking of purchasing!

The Little Known Facts About Pet Health Insurance

For example, did you know that when companies offer pet health insurance for your cat or dog, the pet health insurance quotes are usually based on a certain age and health of the animal? Furthermore, depending on the animal’s gender and also whether or not it has been left intact, the pet dog health insurance costs may fluctuate significantly. In addition to the foregoing, if you are thinking of using the animal as part of a commercial venture, pet health care insurance quotes may not even be available! Thus, if you are a breeder and you are looking to insure your prized stud or bitch, you may find that the pet health insurance provider you wanted to work with may not have a policy for you, or the policy they do offer is very expensive.

Furthermore, if you own different animals, you may find that you may need to purchase a number of different pet health insurance policies from different providers; some will only provide pet cat health insurance while others will specialize in dogs; still others may cover exotics – except birds – while some companies will offer health insurance for pet birds but not deal with ferrets. Last but not least, make sure that you understand exactly which category your animal falls into; while cat and dog are pretty simple to determine, the moniker “exotics” may cover a multitude of animals or none at all. One company’s lagomorphs’ policy falls under another’s exotics clause, and you will do well to know if your specific type of animal and breed are insurable.

Canada pet health insurance and also pet health insurance in the UK, USA and some select other countries will not travel well, and if you pet gets hurt when it crosses the border, you may find that the pet health care insurance coverage did not travel with you. Depending on the policy, some pet health insurance for cat lovers will refuse to cover declawing while other pet health insurance policies will cover it if done under a certain age. Generally speaking, pet health insurance in Canada tends to cover less than it does in the US. So before you get ready to buy pet health insurance, read the fine print!

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