Finding A Good Pet Grooming Service

Pet grooming is a profession that is often overlooked when it comes to career day at school. Sure, you may have lived with pets and other companion animals your entire life, but when it comes to pet grooming, you probably never gave a second thought to the place your parents may have taken Fluffy. Similarly, many a dog owner will take to the grooming pet shears themselves and give Spot a summer cut – never mind the fact that they probably do not know how to give a Bichon Frise that special hair do for which the breed is famous!

Finding A Good Pet Grooming Service

While it is true that with the proper pet grooming equipment you can give virtually any animal a hair cut – or more aptly named a “fur cut” – the facts dictate that if you want your pet grooming done right, you will need to visit a professional. As a matter of fact, many a pet groomer offers a number of services in addition to just a shampoo and cut that you might not have thought of but that might safe you some money in the long run, since you will not have to enlist the help of a veterinarian to get them done.

For example, did you know that some pet grooming specialists have been trained at pet grooming school to not only provide breed specific grooming services to dogs and cats, but may even provide some special services such as flea dips, the expression of anal glands, and also a nail trim, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing? Professional pet grooming supplies are geared toward these needs, and many a mobile pet grooming truck looks a bit like a mix between pet grooming supply shop, veterinary practice, and hair salon.

When looking for a pet grooming service in your area, make sure the groomer has completed a pet grooming training course at one of the accredited pet grooming schools. Pet groomers need to carry insurance to protect themselves and your animals from damage and harm. Furthermore, while many a groomer will shop at a wholesale pet grooming supply store, specific tools such as pet grooming shears should be of superior quality and not thrift store materials. While it does not matter if the pet grooming professional supply stores carry different brands you may not be familiar with, a discount pet grooming supply store that sells expired or foreign brands needs to be avoided. Last but not least, check references and do not be shy to ask for some word of mouth recommendations.

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