Detecting Signs If Your Cat Is Sick

If you are amongst the thousands of cat owners in the United States you must be familiar with your cat’s daily routines and behavior. This is probably the best way to check if your cat is ill.

Detecting Signs If Your Cat Is Sick

Primary, if you have a cat that is very dynamic and may even seem to be hyper and then all of a sudden lethargic, this may be a warning that it is unwell.

Secondly, if your cat is loosing weight rapidly, frequently vomiting, and increasingly asking for water and also urinating a lot then this could be a sign of diabetes. If you discover this on time, your cat can be treated and can have a long healthy life.

Next, your cat’s nose, coat and eyes can specify if there is a trouble with your cat’s health. Their fur can be another indication of a problem. There coat should look healthy and thick. If your cat’s coat is tapering and they have bald spots it is essential for you to take them to a vet. This can be the symptom of a very grave illness.
In addition, watch out if your cat’s eyes or nose are watering. You will need to consult a vet see if this is just a result of sinus issues or a more severe kidney trouble.

Lastly, when you brush your cat’s coat, examine it’s body and limbs for growths. This could be the symbol of cancer. Early analysis, just like in human beings can save the life of your beloved kitty.

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