When Custom Pet Doors Make Sense

Custom pet doors have long since been known as the number one solution for specific pet related problems that could not be solved with the doors that may be sold at the big box home improvement stores. For example, if you have a Saint Bernard or Great Dane, you will need custom doors to permit the animals to gain access to your home in your absence. Granted, these extra tall custom pet doors may not be recommended for the sake of home security purposes – any opening large enough for a Saint Bernard to fit through is also large enough for a slim thief – yet with the help of custom door entry lock sets that may require corresponding collars to emit electronic signals that will open the custom entry door, they are a wonderful solution to your busy lifestyle and your dog’s needs.

When Custom Pet Doors Make Sense

Of course, the custom door sign that is proudly displayed at a custom door manufacturer warehouse is not just for the big and tall breeds, but even for Fido who is only the size of a Schnauzer. Yet what if Fido has certain problems with movement and thus custom door panels are needed in order to allow the animal and its movement sustaining help to pass through? Some animals are paralyzed and require the use of wheels in order to be able to move forward; custom entry doors that are wide enough to permit the wheels to fit through without a snag are essential for the animal’s enjoyment of life.

There are also other reasons for the purchase of custom wood doors – especially custom hardwood doors – and manufacturers understand that with the more extravagant home designs, custom pet doors will also be in higher demand. After all, you did not just spend upward of ten grand to get your front door custom made only to install your average pet door. Instead, custom pet doors will permit you to carry the style and material choice from your main door down to the smallest detail of the animal’s access.

Custom pet doors – either custom French doors or custom steel doors – will showcase the style of your home as well as provide that little detail that only a custom door mat, custom entrance doors and custom storm doors will be able to provide. Yet before you go out and purchase custom door mats, make sure that you have the door opening professionally measured, since only completely accurate figures will provide you with the opportunity to have a magnificent door.

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