Choosing a Ragdoll Breeder

The time has finally come! You have decided that the ragdoll cat is your next pet, and you now must decide where to purchase one of these fuzzy little creatures at.

Choosing a Ragdoll Breeder

The most common, and probably best place to buy a ragdoll kitten is from one of the many ragdoll catteries available. All ragdoll breeders are not created equal however, and you should do some due diligence before choosing a cattery.

Here are some tips when selecting a ragdoll breeder:

Select a breeder that is in your general area

If problems arise during or after the purchase, it will be easier to resolve them if the breeder is close to you. Newspaper ads are a great way to locate breeders. You can also search the internet for ‘ragdoll catteries’ and we have a ragdoll breeder directory that will help you get started. The internet is a great place to get started because you can often see photos of the kittens and adult cats to get a sense of the patterns and colors that are available.

Visit a few different breeders before making a decision

Meet the ragdoll breeders in person, and visit the location where they are breeding the ragdolls. Examine the sanitary conditions and health of the cats first hand. View the surroundings of where that ragdoll kittens are raised and determine if it is a loving environment where they are nurtured. Get references from each ragdoll breeder that you visit, and compare opinions to get a sense of the reputations of each one.

Examine the cats used to breed

Many ragdolls that are used for breeding come from ‘champion bloodlines’ and are ‘groomed for breeding’. This can be a good thing, usually meaning you are getting a quality purebred cat, but it is not a guarantee. Examine the temperament and appearance of the cats used for breeding to get a sense of what your cat will be like as an adult, you want a healthy and happy ragdoll as your own pet.

Choose a licensed ragdoll breeder

For a purebred cat such as the ragdoll, we highly recommend buying from a licensed ragdoll breeder. Breeders that take the time to get licensed show responsibility and you stand a greater chance to get a healthy and stable kitten. You should get papers for your kitten when you buy it, showing that they are registered. Also make sure that the breeder has completed proper vaccinations and has kept adequate vet records up to the point of purchase.

Enjoy your new ragdoll kitten

There are many other details to purchasing a new ragdoll, but the above steps should get you started in selecting a reputable breeder. Make sure to research and plan your purchase, and you will not be disappointed!

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