Bladder problems in older cats

In case your kitty has been troubled by a bladder infection or a urinary tract blockage, then it can really be painful for it. An aging cat having a bladder infection really suffers a lot as it is simply miserable and inconvenient. Being a concerned owner, you also experience pain while watching your kitty undergoing such a quandary.

Bladder problems in older cats

Can the bladder infection in aging cats be treated successfully? Of course it can be. In fact, if you are concerned about medicines or antibiotics, you can select from an array of natural treatments available. These days, pet owners are trying natural products to tackle urinary troubles in felines.

If you ever had urinary tract contagion or bladder infections, then possibly you know how difficult it is for your kitty to vie with such a sickness. Older cats are even more vulnerable to bladder troubles. While they grow old, their bodies become more delicate and they may become prone to several signs such as pain in urinating, tenderness and swelling on the lower abdominal area, restlessness and lethargy, fever, weight loss, lesser urination and loss of appetite. All these are symptoms of bladder infections. If you notice the symptoms at an early stage of infection, then your cat may still be calmed from the difficulty brought by this situation.

Causes of Bladder Infection

Often, bladder infections are originated by bacteria. Although these can also be present due to a viral, fungal infections or presence of struvite or oxalate crystals in the urinary tract. These may also be present de to a change in the urine pH of animals.

Bacterial infection can be caused by intake of contaminated kitty may be unhygienic with bacteria, that causes infection in cat’s body. Thus it is essential to feed the cats with organic food or perhaps unprocessed meat diet and the dishes should be cleaned repeatedly. Similarly, litter boxes can be a proliferation source for bacteria, so it is important to clean it regularly.

How to Treat Bladder Infection in Your Old Cat’s

If you deduce that your kitty is suffering from a bladder infection, the most appropriate thing to act upon is taking it to a professionally qualified vet for check up. By and large, veterinarians recommend antibiotics to pets particularly if the detect that the infection is due to bacterial issues.

Apart anti-biotic, you can natural products can also be used to treat the health problems in pet cats. Natural products like herbal and homeopathic medications have attributes that can brace the immune system that created strength in bodily systems of your pets to fight infections.

Among the natural products that have been proven effective in treating bladder infections in cats is the product UTI-Free. UTI-Free products have natural ingredients that can help eliminate or prevent the problem of old cat bladder infection. If you want pet to stay

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