Why Automatic Pet Doors Are A Great Option For The Pet Lover

An automatic pet door can be the answer to your critter problem! Sure, if you just have a dog or cat, then you probably do not need an automatic door opener to allow the pet to enter and leave your home at will. Yet if you live in an area where raccoons, possums, skunks, and other critters make daily appearances in your yard, you may wish to look to automatic doors to help you keep critters out, and pets free to go.

Why Automatic Pet Doors Are A Great Option For The Pet Lover

It is important to understand that automatic door openers do not necessarily operate in both directions. In other words, while some automatic pet doors will open to the outside, they will not open back to the inside, thus necessitating you to manually permit your animal to once again have access to the home. Others, such as automatic sliding doors and also other models of an automatic dog door, will permit the pet to access the home as well as the outside.

Of course, while it is true that an automatic patio dog door will allow Fluffy to come in while keeping the skunks out, it is vital that you realize that these automatic pet doors are no safer with respect to home security as the regular pet doors you may purchase at any big box home improvement store. Thus, a Solo automatic pet door is a wonderful investment in keeping your animals safe and your home critter free, but these automatic pet doors do not keep persistent burglars out!

In addition to the fact that other critters will be kept out of your home, did you know that automatic pet doors are also wonderful solutions for more mature pets? Consider the fact that advanced age spells incontinence for many pets, and automatic pet doors oftentimes are the only way for them to get into the yard to relieve themselves. Stanley automatic doors – which may be purchased from a reputable automatic door distributor or via the Internet – with their automatic door locks will ensure that the animal is able to leave the home quickly and also enter it quickly, thus eliminating the aspect of unnecessary waiting time for the automatic door sensor to verify the animal’s collar code.

Actuators for automatic door openers will be carried on the collar. Automatic dog doors depend on the proper code to be given in order to gain access to the home, and by and large many an automatic doggy door is a perfect way of keeping your pet healthy, happy and your home clean and fresh smelling – even if a busy lifestyle forces you to stay away from your home for longer periods of time.

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